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The butterfly valve manufacturer teaches you the difference between butterfly valves and gate valves
publicTime: 2023/4/1 16:23:28

What is the difference between a butterfly valve and a gate valve? General laymen are not very familiar with the difference between the two. In fact, in terms of use, gate valves have relatively small flow resistance and good sealing performance. However, the flow angle of the valve plate and related media of the gate valve is vertical. Therefore, if the valve plate is not opened or closed in place, the flow of media can easily cause vibration of the valve plate and damage the sealing ring of the gate plate.

Another name for butterfly valves is flap valves. The function of the butterfly valve is to close the switch in the low-pressure pipeline. Butterfly valve companies can control many things, such as the air and who, as well as various corrosive things in society. In relevant pipelines, it mainly plays a role of mediation and cutting. The opening and closing parts of the butterfly valve look like a disc butterfly plate, which allows us to rotate around the shaft plate in our body, ultimately achieving the effect of enterprise closure and mediation.
The butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is driven by the valve stem. If rotated 90 degrees, the shutdown procedure is reached. The flow rate of the medium can be controlled by adjusting the deflection angle of the butterfly plate.

Operating range of butterfly and gate valves:

Butterfly valves have many applications, such as natural gas and natural gas industries, liquefied petroleum gas, and cold and hot air industries. In the construction industry, butterfly valves can be used to transport various corrosive media, but also for regulating and phase media.

The research on the role of gate valves here is relatively simple, and can only play a fully open or fully closed role. Working at the sealing surface angle can easily lead to deviations, so our gate valve is also called an elastic gate valve.

When the gate valve is closed, the sealing effect can only be achieved on the sealing surface by the pressure generated by the medium. Most gate valves are forcibly sealed. When the gate valve is closed, external force is used to ensure the sealing performance of the relevant sealing surface.
What are the differences in the movement modes between butterfly valves and gate valves?

When moving, the gate plate above the gate valve works together with the valve stem, also known as an open stem gate valve. When passing through the guide groove above the valve body, the rotation function can be converted into linear motion. When opening the valve, it is not possible to monitor the fluid path. When the full valve is open, it can be determined based on the position of the gate. When manually driving the valve stem, the relevant gate can be lifted. This valve is called a non rising stem gate valve.

After reading the above butterfly valve manufacturer's introduction, do you know the difference between butterfly valves and gate valves? I hope that the content introduced by the butterfly valve manufacturer today can help you understand more about the differences between butterfly valves and gate valves, so as to better distinguish and use the two types of butterfly valves.

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