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Shanghai Valve Manufacturer | Application Selection of Electric Valve Actuators
publicTime: 2023/4/1 16:18:24

In the last valve introduction, we mainly answered common questions about power station valves. Today, we will focus on a systematic and comprehensive analysis and introduction of electric valves based on years of production experience in the factory.

As is well known, electric valves are designed by combining electric actuators and valves that are structurally connected up and down. Electric actuators must be different for different valves. The following questions will be analyzed for different types of valves in enterprises.
Due to the wide variety of valves, even due to different production processes, quality levels, structural forms, valve body materials, etc., valves of the same model and specification also have different torque indicators. In practical use, due to pressure fluctuations, media types, on-site environment, working characteristics, and other factors, the opening torque of the valve varies greatly. Therefore, in order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of electric actuators, it is necessary to leave sufficient space for selection. For a series of electric executive management institutions in enterprises, the company can require that the retention factor be not less than 1.3 times when selecting models.
The calculation formula is: when the pressure (pn) is ≥ 1.3, the rated output torque of the electric actuator (n * m)/valve test torque (n * m)
There is a 73-25P DN65 metal hard seal butterfly valve, 25kgf/cm2, with a torque of 93N * M tested under pressure. Which product specification is most suitable for enterprises to use with electric vehicle executive management agencies.

Solution: Considering twice the holding factor of 1.3, the torque required to open the platform valve is 93N * M * 1.3=120.9N * M. According to the performance parameter table of this series of cultural products, it is found that the rated voltage output torque of the 10/20 type is 100N * M and 200N * M, respectively. Although the rated input and output torque of the 10 type is greater than the test working torque of the valve, the 20 type cannot be selected without considering the relevant number reserved by the enterprise.
Based on the above three aspects of analysis, I believe you have a certain understanding of the implementation of electric valves, and choose the torque, media type, and on-site environment to be combined with the implementation. If you are still unclear about the relevant options for power station valves, and if you have further questions about power station valves, please contact Shanghai Huagang High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. or visit the official website for more information

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